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Briefly about our company
JBN was estabalished in 2018 and engaged in investing in Nation wide financial markets. We have team of leading traders, analysts and managers from all over the country. All employees have extensive experience, the necessary skills and knowledge how to make money. In-depth analysis, reliable trading strategies and a clear algorithm of actions allow the company to make the best investment, earn profit and grow steadily. Therefore, JEELANI BUSINESS NETWORK PVT LTD offers its customers the highest profit rates on investments.

Investment & Plans

Why start your investment journey with us?
As a leading investment management firm, our specialist teams work with integrity to bring the best of services to our clients. We are an SECP regulated firm with access to bespoke investment opportunities that can be personalised to meet the individual financial goals of our clients, helping them make secure returns that guarantee long term returns.

All the funds are regulated and SECP protected upto up to Rs.5% for single and up to view and manage your investments

The returns are safe, secure and stable and will be paid monthly or bi-annually to your account throughout your investment period.

Investment capital can start from as low as your desire and can be made as high,adding flexibility to your investments.

Access personally anytime, from anywhere to view and manage your investments 24/7, 365 days a year.

All the funds are SECP regulated and protected,for single and up to for joint investments.

No additional charges on the investments, apart from the yearly management charges,assuring 100% return of your capital.

Bespoke investment opportunities that can be personalised to meet the individual financial goals of our clients.

A team of trusted managers with a collective experience of over years, well versed in investment strategies.

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Total investments:
$ 16,830,00.00
Total withdraws:
$ 1,25,489.85

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