Our Management Structure


We provide safe and secure, SECP approved investment options with guaranteed returns and manageable.

Gain High-Performance Growth Funds Yeilding

At the Jeelani Business Network, we value our clients and their need to access top-performing growth funds that promise high yearly returns. We offer some of the Pakistan’s best SECP regulated funds with low to medium risk, for our clients who are looking to makeinvestments with the idea of long term wealth building. Our growth fund managers with over years of experience in the Pakistan and Global investment markets are well equipped to guide you in making the most suitable investments that meet your monetary goals.

Award-Wining Management Team

By working along with our fund management team, our clients not only benefit from superior and meaningful returns, but also by meeting their wealth management requirements throughout the investment term. All our investments are SECP protected up to, keeping your money safe and secure at all times.

Invest In Fix Rate Bound

For clients interested in traditional investment options, we provide fixed rate bonds paying up to 5% on Monthly basis. Fixed rate bonds offer stable monthly returns, providing peace of mind to investors. The payments will be credited to your accounts on the exact date every month, without being impacted by any Global economic fluctuations and performances. The bonds have a fixed maturity date with the option to access your money anytime and the gross income is directed into your bank account. All income bonds are covered by the SECP.

We make sure our clients get the highest financial gains along with 100% security for their capital